Why Styling

Hello dear Stylistas,

My passion always was to empower women to have the life they want, to live a healthy life style, to look good, to show their inner strength and beauty. 


My favorite song when I was 18 years old was "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks, because it is exactly what I feel like and what I would wish, that other women would also feel like.


We can be a little bit of everything: We can be a bitch, we can be a saint. We can be a sinner, we can be a mother and a child, we can change, still be ourselves and still live our life, because our personality is so complex, that we can have different sites.

And that is the only way how we can really be our true selves. 


I do not think that we have to be how other people want us to be.

And one way to express myself, is fashion and style. I always had a different style and I was always wondering, what style my style is.


Being a fashion designer and stylist, gives me the calm I was searching for the last 25 years and I hope, that i can help other women to find themselves and to recognize who they really are, even if they consist of different facets.


All my best


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