What to wear on your nails this season!

Hello dear Stylistas,

Summer is coming and with our anticipation, our need for a fresh nail colour is rising, too. 


So what colors should you choose for your nails, no matter of short or long? 

Here‘s the answer! 


Green. Green nails are undoubtedly the most attention-drawing nails this season. No mattered dark or pastel green, you‘re truly in the summer mood when your nails are polished in those colors! 


Micro-manicure. This special style of nail polishing is known for the colorful end of the nails. So unseats of coloring the whole nail, only the tops, meaning the long end, are colored, often is different colors. This is subtle, but also modern and clean! 


Sticky Fingers. It may sound a bit weird, but what’s meant are stickers on your painted nails! There are endless designs possible with stickers, no matter what color lies underneath. 


There are, of course, many more ways to paint your nails, 3D-patterns,  for example, so everything that is particularly noticeable. 


Stay trendy and be the best version of yourself!


All my best


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