Social Media and its importance for brands


Hello dear Stylistas,

With almost one Billion active users worldwide, Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms in the 21st century. Not only photos and pictures get uploaded, but also direct messages and posts are shared between friends and family within it. 

It is not only useful for private users, but companies and influencers can also greatly profit from it. 


Brands can use it to tell their own story through the uploaded photos and videos. Also the ability to create so called “Stories“, which will get deleted after 24 hours are a good way to connect with your followers and potential buyers. Since the optical aspect of a post slowly becomes less and less important, it is necessary to always have a certain meaning behind your posts, especially as a business institution. 


Through this, you can build a stable and honest relationship with your customers and also include them in the different processes, like promoting a product or asking for their opinion on a special design. This will also make your personal brand more unique and much more appealing for your customers. Only through knowing, what they like and expect from it, you can create something truly beautiful. 


We also lay big emphasis on keeping our customers up-to date on all processes happening within our company, so that they will always receive unique and high-quality fashion items from us. 


Be Stylish with Styling.


All my best


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