Impact of Covid-19 on the Fashion Industry

Hello dear Stylistas,

Covid-19 is a catastrophe. Even after one year through this disaster, we still aren’t free to enjoy all the things we would normally do at this time. The pandemic had an incredibly huge impact on our daily life and on every single one of us. Also on our view for fashion. 


While all the big shopping malls and clothing stores are closed, the online-shopping has become our new hobby. But even though it is way easier to do just order all your beloved it-pieces from home, it is statistically proven, that we are not paying the same amount of attention on our look as if we were shopping in an actual store. 


It is also proven, that many people don’t even bother to send pieces, that don’t fit, back to the store. They are just keeping them and they vanish in the very last corner of their closet. 

That is a problem.


Because one day, even if we won’t believe it yet, the pandemic will be over and we can go out and shop again. And it might be better, if we haven’t lost our sense of style until then. 


Spending all day in sweatpants and just letting the day pass by is very dangerous for ourselves will most probably result in something tragic: the aspect of fashion slowly losing its significance in our daily life. 


I know, we all miss it: attending a big event or party, meeting all the nicely dressed people. Getting ready for an event or a party is a process on its own: picking out a beautiful dress, your favorite accessory and applying make up. This makes us feel confident and excited at the same time. Since we can’t also meet new people, we can’t get inspired by others. 


After reading all this, there is only one question: How can we prevent this from happening, when there is no soon end of the crisis in sight? 


Well, we are here to help. 


On our social media platforms, we provide style-inspiration and different ways of creating a glamorous fashion-look. Just follow us and never miss a new and trendy way of styling. 


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