Fashion Trends Summer 2021

Hello dear Stylistas,

Which colors are trendy this summer? 


1. Pastel. Pastel colours will definitely be the most trendy colours this summer. They are very lucid and will give you and your outfit instantly a summer vibe. Especially dresses and blouses in pastel colours like a bright yellow or bright blue will be ideal. 


2. Magenta. Magenta is a strong colors that will make a statement. It comes in different shades- from dark to light and is an attention-drawer. 


3. Tiger Tangerine (Orange). This colors is from the warm spectrum and perfect for warm skin tones! Suitable for long skirts and shoes.


4. Bright Green. Bright Green, also beautiful as pastel, will definitely look best in dresses and tops. It is a vivid colour which will emit exactly this energy. 


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