This dresscode is meant to emphasize comfort, relaxation and informality.


There are several ways to wear this dress code. In general, the highlight of this dress code is its simplicity, while it is fashionable and respects the colors.


If experimenting with colors, new styles and special clothing, the imagination can be used here.


The casual look is particularly popular in young companies and startups. It is important to make sure that this style fits the industry. It is always a must that  clothes look clean and tidy, even if they are, well, casual.

To do

  • neat jeans
  • cloth pants - also in bright colors
  • colorful dresses, blouses and skirts
  • extravagant costume jewelry
  • open shoes
  • sneakers

not to do

  • shorts or hotpants
  • transparent tops or blouses
  • sweatpants, lounge wear or tracksuits
  • spaghetti straps
  • dirty shoes



If you want to have a chic casual style, this is a classic item to have in your wardrobe.


A fine-knit sweater can be used very often and can be worn both in the office and in a get together after office with your Ladies.


Different types of knitwear made from fine materials and special cuts such as puff sleeves can make for you a stylish and elegant style and high-quality silk and cashmere can refine the knitted sweater.


One of the most popular items in the casual style are trenchcoats. Tthanks to their simple cuts, which combine simplicity and fashionability, while also giving your waist a very good look.


Trenchcoats can used in different materials and colors.


There should be jeans in every wardrobe. Thanks to the different cuts of jeans you can have new styles over and over again.


Wearing a high-waisted jeans make stretch your legs. Wear these jeans with a comfy, stylish blouse and clean ketones and you are perfect in your casual style.