about us

Styling stands for traditional, but modern fashion.  


Besides designing clothes, Image Consulting and Personal Shopping, we aim to emphasize the great female impact in the profession of business nowadays.


Embracing the Islamic culture, we design unique pieces dedicated to all women, who choose to wear a hijab- or not.

Nasanin Bahmani

Born to Iranian parents in Germany, CEO and Founder Nasanin Bahmani grew up in Cologne. 


The dream of owning a styling company began at the age of four, when she accompanied her uncles to a clothing fair in Cologne.


She helped them translate at trade fairs and appointments and can still clearly remember the atmosphere at these fairs and how her fascination for fashion and styling began to grow.


Ever since, her unique clothing style and different perception of fashion made her stand out from others. 


Her professional journey took Nasanin Bahmani first to university, with  degrees in completely different subjects, before she decided to follow her heart and professionally deal with what she loves - fashion and style.


After receiving her Bachelor and Masters degree in Islamic Studies, she finally realized what was missing in her clothing from early on: the Islamic aspect.


That's why she has decided to design modern, chick clothes, suitable for hijab and non hijab-styles, always aiming to create clothes for women, in which they feel beautiful and confident, with or without wearing a hijab. 


Nasanin Bahmani also studied Styling and Fashion Design in different institutions like the Fashion Stylist Institute in San Diego, the Milan Fashion Campus and the London School of Trends.


As a Certified Image Consultant she is a member of AICI Global and as a Fashion Designer part of the Dubai Design & Fashion Council.