Lips Lips Lips

Hello dear Stylistas,
This summer, lips will shine and be extravagant. 

So this is why we are delighted to show you how you can put  your lips in the spotlight , no matter what shape they are. 

The motto this year: the more exotic, the better! 

And that’s why fuchsia is on top of the list for his year‘s trendy lipsticks. Fuchsia appears not only feminine, but also youthful. It will also let your Skin Tine  glow even more. 

The second color we can’t say no to this season is orange. Orange is a more exotic color for lips than fuchsia is, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it! When applied correctly, and fitting your outfit, orange is the color. Orange stands for creativity and lust for adventure. Something, this year definitely has to offer! 

The last color is red. Red lips, especially in a darker shade, are and will always be classic and elegant. 
It suits many different fashion styles and sets the ultimate statement. 
This summer, a darker shade that appears almost brown is the color to go with. 

Your lips are one of the first things someone looks at when seeing you for the first time and now, they will be the reason for the best first impression ever. 

Be the best version of yourself!
Your Styling Team