Why Quality is necessary

Impulsive shopping“ is the correct term for what we mostly do nowadays. We spot something nice and within minutes, we have already bought it. Always in constant fear, that it could be sold out, if we are not buying it right now


That is definitely not the right way to shop. And also not the most effective one. 

Fashion labels that have become “mainstream“ today, are promoting through cheap and mass-produced clothing, mostly shipped from Bangladesh and China. 


We are fast to buy any of them, being happy that we could get so much different stuff for not so much money. 


But after wearing them for some amount of time, the first signs of bad quality are showing: the silk gets ripped open, the sewing line starts to vanish and everywhere are small.


This might be okay for someone, who doesn’t care much about fashion, but it can turn out pretty bad for someone working for a big company or being an entrepreneur on its own. In this field of work, it becomes suddenly very, very important, what you are wearing. Through your fashion and style, you represent your employer and the level of seriousness that comes with it. 


So you better wear clothing that won’t rip open, when you are talking to potential business partners. 


We, as a brand, are doing exactly that: producing high-end fashion and helping you look the best way you possibly could. 

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